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What is Armenian Pizza ?

Armenian Pizza - Lahmajun  is a unique type of pizza and one of our specialties. Armenian Pizza is made with minced meat and vegetables  such as: red bell pepper, tomato, parsley, onion.  The mixture is put on a flat dough and baked.   Armenian Pizza is popular in armenian and in middle east communities worldwide. The dish has existed for thousands of years but has become much more popular over the last few decades.


Armenian Pizza is a deliciously tasting pizza, one that is different from the regular pizzas that you have had.  Its taste is incredibly unique and rich that it fulfills your appetite easily in one go.


Artos Pizza Restaurant offers healthy choices using all natural ingredients in every single product. The restaurant also offers many vegetarian choices, which will meet the needs of and wants of Los Angelenos.

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Menu

As a company, our mission is to provide our customers with high quality  pizzas that are made from authentic and unique family recipes. We don’t want to be another name in the food industry. In fact, we want to bring to our customers something that they remember for a long period of time. This is the reason why we carefully look after our recipes and constantly monitor them to bring to our customers a taste they haven’t tasted before.

Artos Pizza prides itself on its core values. We are not your average pizza company, we are a lot more. We are a company that will pride itself on customer satisfaction and we will try everything in our might to achieve just that.


Armenian pizza is unique in design and taste from any of your regular pizzas. From the crust to the toppings, everything is fresh and delicious. The dough of our pizzas is white and crispy. Its thin size allows you to enjoy rest of the ingredients up to their maximum taste. We prepare fresh dough on daily basis, thus making sure you eat healthy. Due to its high demand and the popularity among people, we are selling single piece for one dollar only.

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